Meet Talia

Three-year-old Talia joined the Foster Care Program after being found abandoned. She loves going to school! Not only is Talia studious, she is a very polite and respectful girl who is loved by her teacher and fellow students in her classroom. Talia is thriving in family care! 


Meet Timothy

Timothy is a  very smart and gentle one-year-old, and he has gained weight very well since coming into foster care as an infant. Timothy is clearly thriving in foster care! 

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Meet Kira


Kira is three years old and likes to play with her older sister. They play cooking games together. In the evenings, she reads picture books that she gets from her teacher. She could name different items in the books. 

She is receiving nutritious food and has been eating 2-3 bowls of rice per meal. She has been healthy this month. 

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Meet Leah

Four-year-old Leah was found abandoned with her brother and sister.  Along with family care, Leah is also enrolled in a Sibling school.  Leah’s transition to her  foster family was a little difficult at first, especially with her foster father but she and her siblings are now thriving, and it is wonderful that they could remain in family care together.  

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Meet Tate

Six-year-old Tate was found abandoned with his two younger sisters (pictured above).  Tate is enrolled in a Believe in Me Preschool where he is learning and  growing.  Tate is such a helpful big brother to his two sisters.  Tate’s  foster family is making such a difference in his life, and he now has  the opportunity to grow and thrive as a child should. 

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