We are all called to care for orphans, but not all of us are called in the same way. What's your passion - Adoption and foster care?  Donating to provide life-changing medical care to an orphaned or abandoned child in need?  Helping to meet the most basic needs of orphaned and abandoned children - like food, water, and clothing? Joining our brigade as an orphan sponsorship partner? We urge you to reflect upon your role, and we would love to have you on our team of orphan care warriors!



We share a love for all children, regardless of where they were born, and we are passionate about our mission. Collectively, we have 38 children, grandchildren, and little ones in Heaven and have gone through 18 adoption processes! We are also fortunate to have many wonderful volunteers that help us meet our goals. 


Meet Daniel - the real founder of this organization. He was a beautiful two-year-old boy living in  China with CHD (congenital heart disease). Jim and Lisa Murphy made him their son in 2010 and were given four treasured months with him in their lives. When his broken body could not recover from the open-heart surgery that he needed, their little boy left this world on Trinity Sunday that same year. They were devastated, but they did not lose hope. God  called Jim and Lisa to a few things straight away - the first was to share their son's life story with others, which Lisa penned into a memoir called With an Open Heart (ALL royalties go to Open Hearts for Orphans), and every scrap of detail they could remember about their sweet son is preserved within those  pages, keeping his spirit alive. God also called the Murphys back to China, so they ventured across the world three more times to bring His amazing children into their hearts and into their home. In 2016, when they were given signs that it was time for their own personal adoption journeys to end, and for a new chapter to  begin, this non profit organization, Open Hearts for Orphans, was created six years after Daniel left for Heaven. 

Three questions answered

  • Why do kids need families?
  • What does the word "orphan" mean to you?
  • If you could have one wish for orphans, what would it be?

2018 Accomplishments

Impact Report 2018 (pdf)


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